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A Tribute


Ms. RunningWater

"To A Standup Lady"

I will miss those times when you had me Laugh at myself.

I will miss those times when you had me to confront my distress.

I will miss those times when you gave me the strength to go on.

I will miss those times when you told me to enjoy the pleasures of living, sober will come.

I will miss those times when you seen so much in me.

I will miss those times when you said "Look beyond the forest for the trees".

The Main thing I will always miss about you is How you never grew tired of us!

So here's to you Ms. Runningwater, who touched my heart.


                                                                                                          By Kim Jackson

"Ms. RunningWater"

This is not good-bye,

I'll see you on the other side.

I love and miss you very much.

Thank you God for the time I had with her!

You asked in group "Was your work in Vain?

No, not for me.

You made me know I am somebody and that I can go anywhere I want to in life.

Thank you for just being there.

                                                                                                        By Juliette Jones

It's sad to see you leave but so many hearts you touched you wouldn't believe.

You will always be remembered and never for your temper but for your kind words and your advice that meant so much and also your tender touch.

Yes, your body is gone but your spirit will always live on.

So, I will shed no more tears and set aside my fears because your encouraging words are what I still hear.

I love you and I know you are watching over me from above.

I'm going to make you proud even with the words I say aloud.


                                                                                                By LaShawnda Jackson

You'll always have a place in my Heart, Ms. RunningWater.

I could see so much Love for God's people in you and I always enjoyed your singing.

Go on Girl, It's your time to sing with the Angels!

I love you and rest in peace Sweetie.

                                                                                      Love Always, Debra McMillan

Remembering how you were is not very hard.

Now that you have departed from us, we have to look forward.

For all you have taught us on how to be brave and strong.

We will remember those words all the day long.

                                                                                      Rest in Peace, Brenda Gaston

I miss you but I know you are in good hands.

How I miss your smile.

I miss seeing you when it is my time.

I love you!

                                                                                                          By Louisa Davis

"Touched by an Angel"

Bye is a word that no one wants to say and it feels as if love will go away.

But when meeting an angel, it's special in every way.

I see what a blessing it is to have had one pass my way.

I saw your smile and heard your wisdom each day.

So I say to your family "thank you" for sharing your angel with me.

I can truly say I was touched by an angel!

I will miss you as you take your wings!

                                                                                                     By Patrina Jackson

There will be many memories that I have of you.

But since your homegoing, the one that plays over & over is your question to me..

"If you could be an animal, what would you be?"

I told you a caterpillar.

You laughed then asked "Why was that"?

I said because caterpillars are the only ones

I know that can enjoy life on the ground then evolve into Beautiful Butterflies.

So then you placed your finger to your chin as to wonder..then you said to me..Amber..

When do you think you'll stop being a caterpillar & evolve into that Beautiful Butterfly?

I said "I don't know.

You simply replied....."The Time is Now"!

And you couldn't have been so right!

If you can believe there is a Butterfly in me,

Then I owe you that much to believe in me as well.

                                                     I Love You & You will never be Forgotten, Amber C.

Goodbye to Ms. RunningWater

You will be well missed by me.

The good times that we shared.

You always got the job done.

I know you are one one of my Angels looking down on me and

I will never forget that I'm your Black Nubian Queen!

                                                                               I love you forever, Deleon Holland

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