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Newly Appointed Executive Director

 On July 6, 2012, Safe Haven Outreach Ministry, Inc.'s (SHOM) Board of Directors appointed the permanent position of Executive Director to Eugena E. Beard. Ms. Beard has been a loyal and dedicated employee

of Safe Haven for over 19 years. She is committed to the continued success of the agency, while providing services to the population of District residents with single, dual and/or multiple diagnoses. Ms. Beard began her tenure at SHOM in 1993 as a Housing Coordinator for the Sober House for Women with Children in Southeast, DC. Through hard work and determination, she worked her way through many positions such as Residential Monitor, Facility Manager, Addictions' Counselor and Program Manager. Eugena Beard is a Level II- Certified Addictions Counselor with a Masters' Degree in Human Services.

     Currently, she is a doctoral learner working on her PhD. in Psychology and she is preparing for the licensure examination to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. As the newly appointed Executive Director succeeding the late Marsha A. Richerson, Ms. Beard takes great pride in leading an agency with employees of high standards and commitment. She is a firm believer in teamwork and continued education. Through motivation, honesty, compassion, guidance and support, Ms. Beard and her upper management staff plan to continue the mission and legacy of the agency that was founded in 1989. 

Promotions within the Agency

Ms. Laurene R. Jackson was recently promoted to the position of Program Manager. Ms. Jackson has been and still is a dedicated and loyal employee of Safe Haven Outreach Ministry, Inc. Ms. Jackson has been employed at SHOM for over 16 years. On a daily basis, she shows up for work with commitment and determination to provide services to the program participants. Congratulations Ms. Jackson and continue doing a Great job!

Ms. LaKenya L. Turner was recently promoted to the position of Facility Manager. As a fairly new employee of 3 years, Ms. Turner is self-motivated and eager to learn. Ms. Turner never allows her new status of being a mother stop her drive and determination to get the job done. Her prior work experience as a property manager brings skills and competency to the position. Congratulations Ms. Turner and keep up the Great work!

Annual Client Cookout

Safe Haven Outreach will be having their 2012 Annual Client Cookout in the month of August. Stay tuned for exact date and pictures!

Safe Haven Outreach Ministry, Inc Annual Graduation/Awards Ceremony

Safe Haven Outreach Ministry, Inc. has re-implemented the Annual Graduation and Awards Ceremony for Safe Haven clients and staff. We are planning to have the ceremony in the month of November. This ceremony is very important because it recognizes program participants, who have successfully completed the program. Additionally, it recognizes employees and partners for a job well done. Please stay tuned for date and location.


A special shout-out goes out to Mr. Andre Pope, the Associate Director of Administration for his overwhelming support to me. Thank you Mr. Pope, your continued support of me and confidence in me is TRULY appreciated and acknowledged daily.

From Eugena E. Beard, Executive Director

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