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We provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of our current target population. Our services are listed below. Please call or email for more information on services provided by Safe Haven Outreach Ministry, Inc.

        Holistic Continuum of Care Services

Professional, Comprehensive, Holistic, Individualized Continuity of Care Human Services Delivery for Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health, Primary Medical Care, Case Management, Computer Literacy, Nutrition and Wellness, Family Therapy, Specialized HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C education and prevention and Housing services.

SHOM offers residential substance abuse treatment consisting of 28 days with a possibility of a 14 days extension, if needed. We also provide long-term transitional housing for individuals who meet the eligibility criteria.

Residential, Outpatient/Day Treatment and Continuity of Care Programs:

› Individual, group and family counseling: relapse prevention; chemical dependency education, anger management; conflict resolution; stress reduction; HIV/STD and self-help peer counseling; risk assessments and risk reduction planning/education; adult daily living; NA/AA self-help groups; self-esteem building; food and nutrition, transportation; recreation and leisure activities.

› Mental health: psychological assessments; individual and group psychotherapy; medication stabilization and management; and dually-diagnosed/coping skills groups.

› Routine early intervention primary medical care, assessments, sub-specialty referrals, nutrition and health seminars.

› Specialized supportive and prevention case management including entitlement counseling and application.

Long-Term and Permanent Housing Programs with Support Services:

› Safe Haven is first and foremost a housing provider. Its’ history is steeped in the innovative production of new housing units, and appropriate housing support services for multi-diagnosed persons of diverse sexual orientations.

› Safe Haven offers structured supervised drug-related transitional housing for persons just completing substance abuse treatment, including the homeless, ex-offenders, and the recently released from incarceration; supportive transitional housing for persons who have 28-60 days abstinence; Supportive long-term independent group or independent apartment living; and permanent housing.

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