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Testimonials from Former Clients

“I hit rock bottom and my past experiences with Safe Haven lead me back for help. I trusted the staff at Safe Haven, even though I did not apply all the principles I learned there when I got in my situation. The program at Safe Haven changed my life 100%. They stood beside me in my time of need and became my extended family. They helped me see that I did not have to use drugs to be accepted. The program provided me with a safe environment to live and become employed. I am so thankful for all the help Safe Haven has given to me. Because of the program and staff, I was given an opportunity to get my life back on track and it afforded me a second chance at living. I am HAPY because I now have a future."

Jacqueline Turner (Jackie)

"I came to Safe Haven Outreach Ministry, Inc. for Court-Ordered Transitional Housing. I completed the Transitional program on May 23, 2011 and remained at Safe Haven for Independent living. I give thanks to staff like Ms. Beard and Ms. Jackson because they have done a lot for me. At Safe Haven, I learned more about myself and how to have patience. The program taught me how to work with other people and how to learn from others. It has also taught me how to communicate and work my way up in life. The staff at Safe Haven assisted me with stable, affordable housing and employment. I have also learned the skills I needed to better myself and my life. As a result of the Safe Haven Program, I am clean and sober and open to learn more. Today in my life, I am an employed, responsible woman and mother".

Savonya Smith

"I decided to come to Safe Haven to improve my situations in life in order to create a better future and brighter outlook on life. I asked my Probation Officer to allow me to come to Safe Haven so I could learn how to stop and stay stopped from using Heroin. Since learning coping skills in the program, I find it easier to remain content with not using drugs on a daily basis. To me, Safe Haven is just that a Safe Haven, it was my strength when I needed strength. I give thanks to the late Ms. Richerson, Ms. Beard and Ms. Jackson for it is an honor to have women like them in my life. I look up to these strong, independent women as my mentors, who continue to guide me through the recovery process. I thank God daily for my recovery and for having places like Safe Haven for people just like me".

Betty Jean Garner (BJ)

"I came to Safe Haven after doing 9 months in the Upper Marlboro Jail. I was tired and determined to get my self clean and stay clean. Even though I went through my trials and tribulations, Safe Haven has always been there for me when times got tough (No Matter what). During my treatment at Safe Haven, I learned how to be a better person and how to achieve all of my goals. Now in my life, I have become a responsible person and day by day "I'm on my way to the top". Safe Haven has inspired me so much that my goal is to become a case manager, so that I can help addicts just like Safe Haven has helped me. If it wasn't for GOD, the staff at Safe Haven and my family, I don't know where I would be today. I AM TRULY BLESSED! Thank you to everyone at Safe Haven and I love you all".

Shakeila Arrington

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